Alexandria Bennet is a single mother of two, a Black woman writer, educator, speaker, consultant, artist, voice performer and researcher. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University in History/African American Studies and Communication Sciences and Disorders with an Education specialty, and a Master of Science degree in (Learning) Behavior Analysis and Therapy. Her writing spans from scientific papers on learning research to poetry and thought-provoking articles on race, class, language, power, disability and culture. Twitter is her platform of choice where she also does a great deal of writing, teaching and public reflection on the aforementioned as well as on education, parenting, popular culture, politics and the everyday living of life. She enjoys working as a Consultant, providing individualized culturally competent sessions and insightful trainings on anti-racism, allyship, parenting, child learning, behavior and language, and on raising anti-racist children. Alexandria Bennett is a slam poet from back-in-the-day and spoken word artist that can still rip a mic. Whether she’s using her voice to teach children of all abilities and disabilities academic skills with fun and flair, training k12 educators in teaching methodologies, breaking down the complexities of historical events, science and research with engaging nuance before college classrooms, or putting those voice performance skills and command of an audience to beautiful use in recordings, seminars and television, she does it all with grace, great breadth of knowledge and a sense of purpose that shines through. What is Alexandria Bennett most proud of? Her precocious, funny children, surviving the insurmountable and her building of a following that consists of people of all walks of life, of all economics, professions, fame, non-fame, ability, disability, races, countries and cultures. She was told she couldn’t be so brilliant, so honest and so Black and still connect with people. She’s gratefully all three and has cultivated an incredible love between herself and those that experience her heart, her humor and her work.

What I'm Listening To: 

Alicia Myers - I want to thank you
New Edition - Cool It Now
James Cleveland
Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace album 

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MCU Everything
Steve McQueen’s Small Axe Series
New Girl
A Different World