Toronto-based freelance writer and artist educator. Contribute regularly to and

What I'm Listening To: 

Wilco, The Besnard Lakes, Klaxxons, Wolf Parade, Wintersleep, The Dodos, The Kills, Broken Bells, The Gorillaz, Neko Case, Feist, Metric, Florence + The Machine are usually in rotation. I am middle-aged so I like to get nostalgic with The Cure, The Smiths, Sisters of Mercy and The Sugarcubes.

What I'm Watching: 

I watch House so I can confirm my hypochondriac fantasies. It's never lupus. I watch a lot of cartoons: Archer, Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros., Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy and American Dad. All-time favourite TV would be Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under, Dr. Who. I also obsessively watch 7 music video channels at the same time and yell at the performers about their fashion choices, musical (in)abilities and overwrought emotive posturing.

What I'm Reading: 

I read comic books. A lot. Fables, Scarlet, Freakangels, The Runaways, NYX are what I'm currently reading. I firmly believe V for Vendetta is one of the best books ever written. I love Joyce Carol Oates, Chris Adrian, Ann Patchett, Zadie Smith, Banana Yoshimoto and Kim Stanley Robinson.