Cate Young is a freelance writer and pop culture critic ​from Trinidad and Tobago and the creator of ​BattyMamzelle; a feminist pop culture blog ​where she writes about film, television, music and critical commentary on media representation. Her ​work deals particularly with the intersection of race, gender and sexuality, ​and introducing an intersectional analysis to discussions of pop culture. ​Her writing has appeared in Cosmopolitan, NYLON, Jezebel and Bitch Magazine and her primary critical concerns are pop culture, its ​wider influence​, and its power to ​change social attitudes. Cate has a BA in Photojournalism from Boston University, and a Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester. In 2016, she served as the inaugural Pop Culture Criticism Fellow for Bitch Media. In 2018 she was awarded the Rotten Tomatoes Fellowship in Digital Innovation and Film Criticism in service of her acceptance to the MA program in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) at the University of Southern California.