On her first day of work back in 2004, Debbie nearly knocked the water cooler over and onto cofounder and then-publisher Lisa Jervis. Luckily no one held it against her, and she continues to devote most of her days and nights to helping bring bitch into the future, and -- in the bigger picture -- working with others to create a world of love and liberation. She can also often be found playing the accordion, practicing yoga, rearranging furniture, talking to animals, and adjusting the lighting. She lives with her cat, Zeik, in Northeast Portland. Turn-ons: accordions and anarchy Turnoffs: cilantro, jerks, Judge Judy, meatloaf (the food and the musician) Secretly wishes she were a: koala bear

What I'm Listening To: 

accordions and pump organs and banjos and crickets

What I'm Watching: 

this guy!