Emily was born in eastern Washington in the wonderful year of 1986. She dipped her toes into film production and bunny sanctuary life in Los Angeles, then returned to Washingont to finish an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s in Film Production and Women’s & Gender Studies. Post-graduation panic, she hitchhiked with her dog across the Pacific Northwest to Yellowstone, then kerplunked in the midwest for an AmeriCorps position, and then ran away to Canada for grad school. She loves roller derby, the Pacific Northwest, and her dog, Lili. She’s completing an editorial internship at Bitch Media as part of her Master’s in Journalism where she focuses on gender and intersectionality.

What I'm Listening To: 

Reply All, Invisibilia, 99% Invisible, Radiolab, Code Switch, Snap Judgment

What I'm Watching: 

Broad City, X-Files, Master of None, The Fall

Instagram: Rupi Kaur, Lula Hyers, Stephanie Sarley, Molly Soda