Meggie Gates is a comedy performer and writer in Chicago, IL. They are a non-binary, pansexual person who has recently explored all the joy of what being out means. Their work has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Consequence of Sound, Reductress, Hooligan’s Magazine, the Outline, and Huffington Post. They have performed four sketch shows at Second City with their writing partner Laura Petro and have recently filmed a webseries coming out soon. As to other work they may be working on, check out their website here. Otherwise you can find them constantly tweeting their really dumb hot takes on Twitter. They think they’re pretty good at Twitter.

What I'm Listening To: 

I write about music so I’m always listening to a wide variety of different things! Follow my spotify! Let’s be friends!

What I'm Watching: 

I’m always watching all things MTV and whatever new show Netflix just released. 

What I'm Reading: 

Currently reading Her Body and Other Parties and going to start Priestdaddy soon! I just finished Thornbirds because I was named after it and am, admittedly, a narcissist who loves anything centered around myself.