Nicole J. Georges is an illustrator, pet portrait artist, and zine teacher living in Portland Oregon with her canine life partner, Beija Georges. Nicole has recently endeavored to fulfill her lifelong advice columnist dreams by creating , a place where her truly bossy nature can shine. NJG leads zine-making workshops around the country for little kids and also senior citizens. She is part sagittarius and part capricorn, and has been vegan for a very long time. NJG is working on a graphic novel for Beacon right now about the time she called The Doctor Laura Show.

What I'm Listening To: 

Still too hungry to get deep. Harry Belafonte, Queen, The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls theme song.

What I'm Watching: 

The dark knight, all dogs go to heaven, e.t., little shop of horrors

What I'm Reading: 

i'm too hungry to fill out the rest of my profile! trust me, I Read! I promise I do!