Padideh is a freelance writer from and based in Denver, CO. She writes about the arts and DIY culture, primarily focusing on underground music scenes in Denver. She covers other topics as well, from street art to comedy to local politics. Padideh lives and breathes music, spending her free time listening to music, DJing, and making her own music. She also enjoys painting, cooking, and riding her bike. Padideh is a proud first-generation Iranian-American and Muslim. Having endured a lifetime of ignorant questions and outright racism, Padideh is deeply passionate about demystifying Islam and the Middle East at large.  


What I'm Listening To: 

Right now, the album “Why Love Now,” by Pissed Jeans and “Whet” by Broken Water, as well as this house mix by Chilean singer and DJ Mamacita.

What I'm Watching: 


What I'm Reading: 

Re-reading Laithe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin