Rebecca K. Andruszka is an activist and non-profit professional who has spent
the past 10 years focused on social justice issues. She has extensive experience
in the non-profit sector, doing everything from research and communications, to 
fundraising and project development. Rebecca is currently in a senior development 
position at a national advocacy organization. She is also chair of the board of 
directors at RightRides, an active Activist Councilmember at Planned Parenthood of 
NYC Action Fund, and a regular volunteer for other local organizations. She recently 
began authoring monthly columns at The Daily Muse and ProfessionalGal about 
working in the non-profit sector.
Rebecca received her BA from New School for Social Research and her MA from 
Hunter College. Her academic work focused on the intersection between art/culture 
and progressive politics from early modern England to post-war U.S.