Spectra is an award-winning Nigerian writer, women’s rights an media activist, and the voice behind the afrofeminist media blog, Spectra Speaks (www.spectraspeaks.com), which publishes news, opinions, and personal stories about gender, media, and diversity as they pertain to Africa and the Diaspora.

She is also the founder and executive editor of Queer Women of Color Media Wire (www.qwoc.org), a media advocacy and publishing organization that amplifies the voices of lesbian, bisexual, queer, and/or transgender women of color, diaspora, and other racial/ethnic minorities around the world.

In 2010, Spectra was honored by Fenway Health and the History Project for her work with women and the LGBT community. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, universities, and social change forums across the globe, and is an expert consultant, coach, and trainer on diversity, movement building, and leadership.

She is currently traveling through Southern Africa offering social media, communications, and strategic events training to African women’s NGOs and non-profits, and collecting stories from LGBT Africa for an upcoming anthology. Follow her blog at www.spectraspeaks.com or her daily musings on Twitter @spectraspeaks.

What I'm Listening To: 

Nigerian pop music, sad white dude music (i.e. alternative rock -- Staind, Daughtry, and the rest), original soundtracks from epic flicks and anime showdown episodes.

What I'm Watching: 

Netflix, when I have internet, which isn't often -- I'm traveling through Southern Africa.

What I'm Reading: 

Books from my Afrofeminist reading list -- all written by Africans, the Diaspora, and women from the Global South, including I Dare to Speak, an anthology of stories written by Ugandan women.