Tube Tied: Dollhouse's "Epitaph One": Still Confused, Still Worth Watching

I don't imagine many of you are Dollhouse viewers, not least because the new series by Joss Whedon of Buffy and Angel fame had a rocky ride of a first season.  If you gave up on him, I have a new mantra for you: Joss is always worth the trouble.  Joss identifies as a feminist, and indeed, before... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: The Kate Major Is Majorly Douching Off Edition

  Here's a shocker: when you start dating your boyfriend thirty seconds after he leaves his wife, the woman who carried his eight children, he might not be sticking around with you for very long. You might also be surprised when, as his divorce is being talked about everywhere from... Read more »

Grrrl on Film: From Page to Screen: Can Book Adaptations Bring Greater Visibility to Women Protagonists?

Last week many of you contributed enlightening responses to my two part post on women directors and provided useful suggestions on we can do to ensure that... Read more »

Tube Tied: Okay, But What About the Women on Mad Men?

I can't say that this first episode of the third season of Mad Men wowed me, but I suppose it was inevitable, amidst all the hype, that the episode would disappoint at least one person in its audience.  And indeed, it was something of a shaky start.  Don's reminisicing - or, really, more accurately... Read more »

Grrrl on Film-Lois Lane, A Brief Herstory of the Daily Planet

The newspaperman, and newspaperwoman, have long captured the American imagination – and reporters, anchors, and even photojournalists have served as the protagonists in comics, animation, television and film. As a woman writer and pop culture herstorian I can’t help but be drawn to places... Read more »

Preview articles from Bitch's upcoming Consumed Issue!

Preview our much-anticipated Consumed issue! After a summer hiatus, Bitch magazine is returning to your mailbox shortly with a brand new layout but the same great feminist response to pop culture! In anticipation, we’re throwing up three articles online as a sneak peek into the Consumed... Read more »

Ladies' Camp Rock: Wrocking ’n’ Rowling with wizard- and 
Twilight-themed bands

You only have to look to the history of Star Trek–
inspired music—ranging from surf-punkers No Kill I to the Klingon heavy-metal band Stovokor—to see that fantasy and science- fiction fans have made music devoted to their obsessions for generations. Nothing in the history of... Read more »

Grrl on Film: Mildred Pierce Redux?

Readers, we are living an era of ill-advised remakes of already great (or at the very least, already classic movies). Titles allegedly in the re-works include: Red Dawn, Red Sonja, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Total Recall, Barbarella, Short Circuit, and The Karate Kid. So this morning’s... Read more »

Tube Tied: Mad Men, I Love You, But Your Fans Are Freaking Me Out

I admit that when I heard Mad Men was going to premiere just as I was starting this TV guestblogging gig in the otherwise rather deserted month of August, I breathed a sigh of relief.  If there is one television show that not a one of my communist, death-panel-supporting, child-killing liberal... Read more »


"Moonlight" is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment

Moonlight displays the kind of empathy and humanity that we desperately need right now. Read more »

One-Sentence Reviews of the Lesbian Netflix Canon

Lez face it: when you’re a ladygay like myself, cruising the internet for something to watch, you realize very quickly that there are a whole... Read more »

The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts

The female ghost is an enduringly fascinating figure. Read more »

Films and TV Portray Abortion as More Dangerous Than It Is

Films and television shows tend to present a skewed portrayal of abortion—when fictional movies and TV shows include a plotline about abortion... Read more »