Sitcom's Jewish Mother

A new documentary, Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg! shares the story of "Gertrude Berg. She was the creator, principal writer, and star of 'The Goldbergs,' a popular radio show for 17 years, which became television's very first character-driven domestic sitcom in 1949." It's not just a story of a woman... Read more »

See Barbarella do her thing in another Grrrl on Film Recommended Cult Classic!

  More attractive than tough, the sexually progressive and confident space adventurer, Barbarella was played by Jane Fonda in an eponymous 1968 film. Produced by Dino De Laurentiis and directed by her then-husband, Roger Vadim, the movie was based on the early 1960s erotic comic created by... Read more »

Night of the Comet: A Grrrl on Film Recommended Cult Classic!

I promised that one of the themes we’d be exploring in this blog is bad movies with feminist potential. You see, in my research I’ve found that some of the most interesting female characters, particularly female action heroes and/or proto-feminists, are to be found in some of the most... Read more »

Modesty Blaise: Princess of Spy-fi

For those of you who saw my previous post you'll know that the 1966 classic camp film, Modesty Blaise, was shown in the early morning hours on AMC. The film, based on the eponymous character of a long-running British comic strip, is of the so bad it's bad variety. But even so, this relatively... Read more »

Introducing The Grrrl on Film Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Grrrl on Film Blog! My name is Jennifer K. Stuller, aka The Ink-Stained Amazon. I’m a writer, author, and critic with a particular interest in the history of women in popular culture. My first book, Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

As you may have seen in Nicole J. Georges' tributes to gay animals, we are learning that gender in the animal kingdom is just as fluid for cats, dogs, giraffes, birds, and monkeys as it is for us humans. Why is it, then,... Read more »

Drop Dead Diva: Sunday Night's Big Comedy

Margaret Cho explores body image and self-love in her new television series Drop Dead Diva. I recently watched the pilot episode and spoke to Cho about her involvement in the show. The first person to be cast, Cho believes DDD has the opportunity to reach... Read more »

Sm[art]: The Sillhouette Animation of Lotte Reiniger

Over 80 years ago, the first feature-length animated movie was produced, not by a bunch of dudes and their rodent-obsessed leader, but by a German woman named Lotte Reiniger. Reiniger created her own style of animation, called sihouette animation, by taking what she loved about shadow puppet... Read more »

Jennifer's Body: Is it Feminist? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

The trailer for the newest Diablo Cody film, Jennifer’s Body is out, and this thing is begging for a bit o’ feminist critique. Watch, and discuss (NSFW, workaholics): Hmmm... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

Happy Fourth of July, feminists! To commemorate our nation’s independence, here is a reminder that we can all wear our American flags and our feminism on our sleeves when we’re out and about today: You said it, sister. As always, thanks to all of everyone who has been sending us... Read more »


Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

Read more »

What I Learned About Gender and Power from Sailor Moon

My life began in 1995 — the year I turned eight and became a divorced kid.    Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Maria and the End of a Sesame Street Era

Growing up, Sesame Street's Maria was one of the best Latina role models I had. Read more »

The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts

The female ghost is an enduringly fascinating figure. Read more »