Tube Tied: Why Aren't You Watching Nurse Jackie?

Image from susanphotography at Flickr under a Creative Commons license. I am just about the only person I know - and certainly the only feminist - who has been religiously watching Showtime's Nurse Jackie (In fairness, Jezebel started out covering it but seemed to lose interest very quickly, and... Read more »

Grrrl on Film: Women Directors

In Monday’s post I asked if you could name five women directors off the top of your head and encouraged you to share some favorite females behind the lens. And WOW, between us we came up with nearly 70! Since there are few... Read more »

Saturday Morning Toon Blues

It is a ritual of mine to flip through channels on a typical Saturday morning before I go off to work. While my adventures are less frequent these days than when I was eight years old, my curiosity is piqued as it still was. However, in my habits, I've encountered a frightening discovery that has... Read more »

What Would Buffy Do? Notes on Dusting Edward Cullen

This article was originally published on July 1 at WIMN’s Voices (don’t worry – they gave us permission to re-post it!) By Jonathan McIntosh I usually try to stay away from the forces of darkness, but last week I... Read more »

Grrrl on Film-Female Directors: A Film Herstory Awareness Post

Sarah Mirk's post last month, Beat the Majority - Name a Female Scientist, reminded me of an ad I saw several years ago for a Women in Film festival here in Seattle. In it, a dominatrix flanked by muscle men is asking a man in an... Read more »

Tube Tied: Why Television Is Good For Women, and an Introduction

Hi Bitch blog readers! I'm a sometime blogger (under an assumed name, mostly, but my sorely neglected personal blog is here) and I can't tell you how excited I am to be associated with Bitch even briefly. I am incredibly honored to get to talk to and with you for the next few weeks about women... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” could be heard ‘round the world this week, commemorating the untimely death of writer/director/producer John Hughes, whose films shaped many a feminist mind during the 1980s (Molly... Read more »

Spotlight on Tarantino Part 3: The Clip Show!

Thank you all for a great conversation this week regarding the question “Is Quentin Tarantino a feminist?” Responses were as varied as could be expected and ranged from expressions of the power and strength one may feel after watching Zoë, Abernathy, and Kim, and a desire to adapt Beatrix Kiddo... Read more »

Director Spotlight on Quentin Tarantino, Part 2

Many thoughtful points have been made regarding Part 1 of this discussion both at the <a href=”/post/in-her-director-spotlight-on-quentin-tarantino-the-grrrl-on-film-asks-the-question-“is-he-a-fem#comment-6665”>Bitch Blog website and on... Read more »

In her Director Spotlight on Quentin Tarantino, the Grrrl on Film Asks the Question

After several years, a lot of script work and much trademark frenetic verbosity, writer/director Quentin Tarantino’s long-awaited Inglourious Basterds – his “bunch of guys on a mission” film set during the Second World War – finally... Read more »


One-Sentence Reviews of the Lesbian Netflix Canon

Lez face it: when you’re a ladygay like myself, cruising the internet for something to watch, you realize very quickly that there are a whole... Read more »

Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »

What I Learned About Gender and Power from Sailor Moon

My life began in 1995 — the year I turned eight and became a divorced kid.    Read more »

The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films

In 1948, in a seventh grade classroom in Eugene, Oregon, a teacher dimmed the lights and flipped on 16mm projector. A film called Human... Read more »