Bitch Popaganda: At the Movies Edition

It’s like The View, but with fewer bikini waxes. Welcome back to another episode of Popaganda, Bitch’s (somewhat) bi-weekly pop culture podcast! In this episode, Annalee, Gabriela, and Kelsey... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

It’s the weekend again, and while in some cultures that might mean a well deserved break from work and an afternoon of drinking beer on the porch, here at the Bitch blog it means FEMINIZT LOLz! (You know you love ‘em.) This cat heard on NPR that... Read more »

Kicking Ass and Taking Names: An Actress Spotlight on Tura Satana

  “You can still be feminine and have balls.” – Tura Satana Like Jean Seberg, who was profiled here last week,Tura Satana is an actress with a larger than life biography. She was born in Hokkaidō, Japan in... Read more »

Where No Woman Has Gone Before: An Actress Spotlight on Nichelle Nichols

Stretching the definition of “film” just a bit for today’s Grrrl on Film Actress Spotlight as Nichelle Nichols (1932-) is most recognized for her television, and later film, role as Lt. Nyota Uhura.   Read more »

Fox Won't Air Family Guy Abortion Episode -- What Do You Think?

Image via starstore The Seth MacFarlane creation that is “Family Guy” has built a reputation on poking animated fun at... Read more »

The Twilight (Parody) Zone

One of my secret favorite things about the internet is the abundance of fan and homemade videos. I can spend hours watching low-budget versions of musical routines, celebrity reaction... Read more »

Whiteout and Women On Screen

  The trailer for the long-awaited movie adaptation of Greg Rucka’s and... Read more »

I Can Has Feminizm?

Time for some more weekend fun with feminizt LOLz! This kitteh is subverting gender norms the old fashioned way (with ill-advised guerrilla warfare). Doant try dis at home! And it looks like this ostrich disagrees with Joanna Angel... Read more »

Actress Spotlight: Jean Seberg

Jean Seberg is one of those fascinating Hollywood stories that reads like the plot of a dark Hollywood movie. Her tragic story is lesser known than say, Marilyn Monroe’s – though she was just as great a beauty. And her politics caused more damage to her life than that of her acting... Read more »

Sitcom's Jewish Mother

A new documentary, Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg! shares the story of "Gertrude Berg. She was the creator, principal writer, and star of 'The Goldbergs,' a popular radio show for 17 years, which became television's very first character-driven domestic sitcom in 1949." It's not just a story of a woman... Read more »


Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

Read more »

Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »

One-Sentence Reviews of the Lesbian Netflix Canon

Lez face it: when you’re a ladygay like myself, cruising the internet for something to watch, you realize very quickly that there are a whole... Read more »

The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films

In 1948, in a seventh grade classroom in Eugene, Oregon, a teacher dimmed the lights and flipped on 16mm projector. A film called Human... Read more »