Annemarie Jacir: Dreaming a New Reality

Palestinian filmmaker and poet Annemarie Jacir turned to her homeland to make her first feature-length film about a working class Palestinian American woman who struggles with the country's tumultuous past and present, and makes a decision that will change her life. Read more »

sm[art] // Maya Deren: Pioneer and Experimental Filmmaker

My introduction to this week's sm[art]ist came from an exercise in a film class I had taken. The professor was having us list off as many female directors as we could think of and, as you could imagine, the list ended up being fairly short. In addition to... Read more »

For Realz?: Speidi Swine Flu

And continuing the trend of writing posts about reality shows I don't watch, a big HA HA (in an unserious way, of course!) to professional frenemy Heidi Montag and her new husband, the unpleasant Spencer Pratt, from The Hills. Heidi... Read more »

A Bitch in Black Round-Up

 Mike Tyson’s “confession”, The Pocketbook Monologues, un-beweavable Oprah, Pulitzer winners, and Farai Chideya’s “Kiss..”… Remember back in the day when a group of black ministers rallied in support of Mike Tyson when he was accused (and later, convicted) of raping a black... Read more »

For Realz?: You're Fired?

I don't watch Celebrity Apprentice, but after hearing about last night's episode, I'm wondering if I should... Read more »

For Realz?: Caucasian America's Next Top Model

Why is it always a race war on America’s Next Top Model?? Natalie, the contestant who got booted this week (upside down at right), has... Read more »

Sexual Fluidity Is So Hot Right Now

Along with hot pink and oversize handbags, women's magazines are pushing a new trend this season: lesbianism. At least, that is the impression given by this article in this month's O Magazine (featured also today... Read more »

For Realz?: Ba Da Bing!

Did you watch the preview of the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet? Five women, three of whom are related by blood, marriage, or both, and all of whom are implied to have possible mob connections (or at least... Read more »

Sit Down Shut Up: Cool Enough For School?

As a card-carrying Mitch Hurwitz devotee, I anxiously awaited the premiere of Fox’s Sit Down Shut Up (which first aired on Sunday, but which I watched yesterday on... Read more »

Orgasm, Inc.

“Forty-three per cent of American women suffer from female sexual dysfunction. Or do they?” Is “female sexual dysfunction” a real disease? Or is it just a marketing ploy invented by Big Pharma in hopes of profiting from “female Viagra”? These are the questions documentary filmmaker Liz Canner... Read more »


Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »

Game Changer: Why Gaming Culture Allows Abuse... and How We Can Stop It

You're a Bolshevik feminist jewess that hates white people… and you expect to be taken seriously when you're “critique-ing” ...

Read more »

The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts

The female ghost is an enduringly fascinating figure. Read more »

One-Sentence Reviews of the Lesbian Netflix Canon

Lez face it: when you’re a ladygay like myself, cruising the internet for something to watch, you realize very quickly that there are a whole... Read more »