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You can't make truly feminist media if you're funded by corporate cash. That's why membership at Bitch is critical to our mission! There are two ways to support Bitch as a member: Join our monthly membership program, the B-Hive, or commit to donating $500 or more annually and become a B-Keeper. Both memberships include a subscription to Bitch magazine and other snazzy feminist stuff. Oh, and you can give a gift B-Hive membership, too! Ready to support fiercely feminist media? Just choose which membership is right for you!

B-Hive Membership

Become a B-Hive memberBecome member and get a subscription to Bitch magazine and snazzy feminist benefits for just $5 each month. It's a pretty sweet deal, even in a world where Amazon can probably deliver ice cream before melts. 

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Give a B-Hive Membership

Give the gift of B-Hive membership at Bitch Media and send along a subscription to Bitch magazine as well as snazzy feminist benefits to a feminist friend. It's a great way to double your impact by supporting Bitch Media and giving the feminist response to pop culture at the same time! 

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B-Keepers Membership

As a B-Keeper, you commit to support Bitch Media with a gift of $500 or more annually. (Wow, thanks for the love!) B-Keepers receive special benefits at each membership level. Check it out!

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