Sarah Haskins Update!

I've been craving more Sarah Haskins ever since Target Women ended, and now her new short film "DILF" (mentioned in her... Read more »

Mad World: Too Cool for School

OK, we are all pretty up on the concept of advertising at this point. Not to say that ads don’t have an effect on us (they do), but when it comes to the reasoning behind most ad campaigns, we savvy media consumers are hip to what’s going on. They’re trying to sell us something.... Read more »

Mad World: The Axe Effect

Well, our Mad World discussion blog is in its third week now, and we just couldn’t hold off any longer: It’s time to talk about Axe. Read more »

Mad World: Mad Man George Lois

Few people embody the tough questions raised by the advertising industry like George Lois. A brilliant innovator who is responsible for countless iconic (and... Read more »

Mad World: Who's afraid of (being) the big bad feminist?

First things first: All of us at Bitch HQ are bursting with excitement because the folks at Oregon Humanities have awarded us a grant to explore the intersections of advertising, feminism, and media literacy. This virtual symposium is called “Mad World:... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: The Dirty Politics of Coal

Here's a reality check the next time someone wants to tell you about clean coal: They're still cleaning up the biggest fly ash spill in U.S. history that occurred in December 2008, which occurred at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)... Read more »

Reproductive Writes: Get With The Program!

Slate's DoubleXX recently hosted a discussion entitled 'That Not So Fresh Feeling: Marketing Embarrassing Products To Women' in which they analyzed adverts for tampons and sanitary... Read more »

Is it just us, or does advertising really blow lately?

So you thought the advertising industry had reached its lowest low with last month’s Super Bowl Misogynfest? Yeah, us too, but it... Read more »

Farewell, Sarah Haskins. We hardly knew ye.

We heard it through the internet vine yesterday that Sarah Haskins is leaving Target Women. Nooo! Though it’s great that Haskins is on her way to what seem like... Read more »

Merry Christmas! Here's some stereotypes ... but no take-backsies.

Dating can be confusing -- especially when one or more parties links emotional milestones to consumerist signifiers. And yet ... somehow, the solution is probably not to buy cheap accessories at Target. Read more »


The Forgotten History of the Women Who Shaped Modern Advertising

It's easy to dismiss advertising as an anti-feminist industry. Read more »