Hateraid: International Commercials Edition

I read a lot, and in my perusal of the Interweb today I came across several international television commercials that had me wrinkling my nose, furrowing my brow, and rolling my eyes. I’m not easily offended, and really, I’m not sure it’s a feeling of offense that has me writing... Read more »

Mad Men's Portrayal of Sexism Seeps Unironically into its Commercial Breaks

Did anyone else notice the bizarre sexism during the commercial breaks on last night’s episode of Mad Men? I can accept that a healthy dose of douchiness comes with the territory when I decide to watch currently airing episodes of a show instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD, but I... Read more »

Yay for a New That's Gay! Lady Kisses are Sooo Gay.

When it comes to Current TV, we here at Bitch thought we’d found a one-Bitch-one-woman sitch with our crush Sarah Haskins. However, it might be time for an open relationship, because we are omgsoinlove with... Read more »

Good Ideas Have No Genitals (But Creative Directors Do)

Every year, Advertising Age publishes a special report (and subsequent ceremonial luncheon) called Women to Watch that highlights the great work being done by women in the fields of advertising, marketing, PR, and social... Read more »

Target Women Targets Oldsters

Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah Haskins! Too bad you’re too old to enjoy it without medication. Target Women is always right on target. Am I right, ladies? For more, check out Kjerstin’s interview with Ms. Haskins in the last Bitch Radio podcast! Read more »

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: I Do Not Scream For Viagra Ice Cream

This past week the London Paper brings us news of the September unveiling of a fancy (and expensive) new “Sex Pistol” ice cream cocktail at Selfridge’s. Loaded with... Read more »

Gay Commercials a la infoMania

Love Sarah Haskins’ hilarious critiques of media aimed at women? Check out comparably witty Bryan Safi’s analysis of homosexuality and media in another infoMania segment aptly titled, That... Read more »

Hardee's: No One Wants You to Dip Your Balls in It

When Hardee’s (known to us West Coast-ers as Carl’s Jr.) launched a new dessert last month and called it biscuit holes, no one was shocked that the product inspired yet another... Read more »

American Apparel Just Keeps Getting Pornier (Plus: Are You Hot Enough to Peddle Neon Spandex and Cotton V-Necks?)

As devoted readers may be aware, Dov Charney and his hip-tastic empire, American Apparel, have irked a Bitch blogger or two over the years. From the company's racist Afrika campaign to Charney's infamous... Read more »

An Open Letter to Jenny Lewis

Dear Jenny, We go way back. Back to the days when you and Blake were more than just band mates. Back to the days before “Portions for Foxes” was used in that episode of The O.C. when Marissa skipped school to drive to L.A. with her soon-to-be girlfriend Alex. Even before you sang with the Postal... Read more »


The Forgotten History of the Women Who Shaped Modern Advertising

It's easy to dismiss advertising as an anti-feminist industry. Read more »