Megan Fox Refreshingly NOT Objectified in New Acer Commercial. Plus: Talking Dolphins!

Here in the feminist blogosphere, we spend a lot of time calling out sexism in the media, especially in advertising. Contrary to popular belief, this is not because we are... Read more »

Backstreet's Back (Selling Plus-Size Skinny Jeans at Old Navy)!

Say what you will about Old Navy, its ad team knows their audience. They got the attention of late-twenty-early-thirtysomethings with a Blossom reunion, a... Read more »

Thinking Pink: A History of Products "For Her"

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Douchebag Decree: Sexist Olympic Advertising

The Olympics started as an über-macho, male-only competition in ancient Greece. While a lot has changed since then, women are still facing sexism when it comes to the Games. Read more »

Fertile Ground: New Ads Say You Don

This is why solar panel company Sunrun’s new ad campaign feels like a breath of fresh, sun-warmed air. It makes fun of solar energy’s leftist hippie stigma in a way that’s funny and relatable for, say, my dad. Or whoever else! These ads... Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Mad Woman Mary Wells

Recently, some friends and I saw the film Art & Copy, a documentary about the creative minds that make up the best of the advertising business. Now, there is a lot to be said about the problems inherent in advertising, but even the most skeptical... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Ashton "Raj" Kutcher and Sadly Delicious Popchips

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End of Gender: "He-Wax," She Wax, We All Wax?

Nearly a decade after the “metrosexual” invaded the mainstream, men are taking grooming to the land down under. While men give he-waxing... Read more »

Tampon Company Faux-pologizes For Transphobic Ad

Here’s your weekly does of bad-vertising: Libra, a company who markets feminine hygiene products in Australia and New Zealand, recently released an ad that trades in transphobia and sexism: Read more »


The Forgotten History of the Women Who Shaped Modern Advertising

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