Betty White Syndrome

We’ve already discussed that Betty White isn’t the only woman over 60 on TV. But she’s certainly the patron saint of older female television stars. Though White’s long been a household name — her... Read more »

How Great Would it Be to Relaunch Golden Girls?

The Golden Girls' feminism is self-evident: Four outspoken, post-menopausal women live together and support each other through older age, dealing together with their grown kids, ex-husbands, and dating lives. And they are not the punchline—they make the punchlines. This show,... Read more »

Don't Laugh—Here are Four Reasons I Genuinely Like "Cougar Town"

Remember when Cougar Town premiered four years ago and we all made a whole thing of it because of its name, and, oh my God, what was this trying to say about older women’s sexuality, and why are we... Read more »

Four Reasons Gay Culture Loves Shows About Straight Older Women

On a chilled-out weeknight in a chilled-out gay bar, you wouldn’t be surprised to see clips of Designing Women or The Golden Girls playing on the big-screen TVs. That seems intuitive, right? Gay culture has long embraced these shows, to the point that seeing Rose and Blanche... Read more »

Changing the World, One Old Mother at a Time

Myself and many women like me, who’ve grown up privileged, educated, single, childless, career-oriented, and feminist, have also figured that we’d get around to having kids eventually. Unlike generations of women who came before us, we have the option of delaying the babymaking process... Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Let's Celebrate the Spinster Detective

Presenting an unthreatening facade to the world, older women detectives usually conceal razor-sharp investigative skills and intelligence. Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple is one of the classic examples of these subversive characters. Read more »

Murder, She Blogged: Mrs. Columbo

Columbo was the late, great Peter Falk’s most well-known role. We knew him by his rumpled mackintosh, his preternatural ability to hone in on the killer within seconds, and his catchphrase, “Just one more thing….” And, of course, the shadowy figure of Mrs. Columbo. Read more »

Microaggressions: Because it IS a Big Deal

You know the fury that comes over you when you’re affected by other people’s prejudice? The coldness, shock, or devastation when they put you or your loved ones down over race, sexual orientation, age, gender, size, class or ability? Maybe you felt it when your folks wouldn’t let... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Martin Harty, Unabashed Ableist

Remember when Andre Bauer... Read more »

The Lady Is a Tramp: Sexism, Ageism, and the Gores

Then I started pinpointing where my discomfort rested: though people—including me—sexualized Mr. Gore (on Twitter, at least) either as object of lust or of sexual derision, rarely did I hear anyone say the same either way about Ms. Gore. Read more »