The Radical Working-Class Roots of Improv Comedy

Most comedy fans don’t know that improv was created by a female social worker.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Angry Men Are Trashing “Captain Marvel” on Rotten Tomatoes

One Rotten Tomatoes commenter referred to the female-led film as “SJW nonsense.” Read more »

In "Sisters," Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Throw a Big, Dumb, Hilarious Party

In the new comedy, the duo blows off the same dopey steam that male comedians do in endless films.  Read more »

Yes on Knope

“She’s the kind of person who believes that, no matter how much power you have, you can make a difference, you can contribute, you can change things. Her kind of blind spot is how slow and hard it is. How slow change it happens.” – Amy Poehler on Leslie Knope The series finale of ... Read more »

Amy Poehler's New Film "They Came Together" Is Over-the-Top Stupid in the Best Possible Way

If NYC single life actually resembled every bad rom-com ever, I’d be telling you about my ultimate meet-cute right now: me, a feminist media critic alone at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to review a movie for Bitch, him a handsome, witty stranger reading Naomi Klein’s Shock... Read more »

Only Five of Fall's 21 New Network TV Comedies Focus Primarily on Female Stars

   Anna Faris (left) and Rebel Wilson star in two of network TV’s five new female-focused comedies coming up this fall.  What are you doing with your summer? Catching up with friends? Starting a fun, new creative project? Just kicking back and relaxing? Wrong! The... Read more »

Suburban Teen Girls Draft a List of their Favorite Feminist Celebrities

I’m a feminist and a high school English teacher in the south suburbs of Chicago. Last year, one of the students in my class was inspired to start a group for girls at our school and approached me about sponsoring it. Of course I agreed! A few weeks ago, we tackled the topic of positive... Read more »

Bechdel Test Canon: Spring Breakdown

Monday's inaugural entry focused on a Palme d'Or winner. Thus it seems only appropriate to switch gears today and discuss a movie that was shelved for three years before it went straight to DVD in 2009. Read more »

Smart Girls at the Party Season 2 is here!

Time to let out a collective “yesssss,” because season 2 of the amazing online show Smart Girls at the Party is here! Find more videos like this on Smart Girls at the Party Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Smart Girls Gone Wild?

Smart Girls at the Party fans, prepare for a disappointment of the douche kind. In order to increase viewers for their second season, the SGATP team (whose first season focused on young girls kicking major ass – check it out... Read more »

Poehler Goes Wild in "Wild Girls Gone"

It’s just about time for Spring Break, and you know what that means don’t you? Well, for some of you it might mean a trip down to Señor Tadpole’s to have a margarita made in your mouth, but if you’re a pop culture lovin’... Read more »