Black on Both Sides: Film Distributor Erases "The Sapphires" on American DVD Cover

The Sapphires is a feel-good film about being “black” in a cross-cultural context. I loved it. Based on the true story of four Aboriginal women who form a singing group and are invited to Vietnam to perform for American troops during the 1960’s, the film has been lazily dubbed “the Australian version of Dreamgirls.” But it’s a lot more than that. So, when I saw the American DVD cover of the film, I cringed a little. It’s at left below, compared to the original Australian cover:   

Tales From The Crip: Bolshy Divas: Masked Feminist Avengers

Taking a cue from feminist art-world culture-jamming collective the Guerrilla Girls comes Australia’s Bolshy Divas—anonymous disability activists “in the style of feminist masked avengers, exposing and discussing discrimination, unmet need, and issues which affect people with disability and... Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Margaret Tucker

Margaret "Marge" Tucker was a 20th-century Australian Aboriginal activist, organizer, and writer. Born on the Moonahculla Reservein 1904, Tucker (at the age of 13) and her sister (who was 11) were forcibly separated from their mother and sent to Cootamundra Girls' Home, where they were trained to... Read more »

B-Sides: Savage Garden

As their biggest hits in the US were love songs, one may forget that much of Savage Garden’s music is decidedly dark, especially on their eponymous debut. Major themes on ... Read more »

The Long Goodbye: Oprah Showers Australia with Diamonds and Pearls

Oprah seems to seek constant validation—in Australia she surprises a pregnant mom super fan and says, "It's me! It's me! It's Oprah!" to the shocked woman—and creates frequent situations that allow her to have those validating moments, which she then broadcasts to millions of people. You know, the... Read more »

Iconography: A Selection of Brilliant Careers

I wanted to write about at least one writer from the Southern Hemisphere for you. (I was going to also write about New Zealand's Katherine Mansfield, but then Lindsay pipped me to the blog post!) I thought to myself, I've never read... Read more »

Bechdel Test Canon: Two Friends

In Two Friends, leads Emma Coles and Kris Bidenko deliver nuanced, ingenuous performances as polar opposites Louise and Kelly. The movie documents the dissolution of their childhood friendship following Louise's acceptance into an elite girls' academy that Kelly's stepfather refuses to let... Read more »

Jennifer Hawkins poses nude, "flaws" and all

Australian beauty queen and model Jennifer Hawkins appears nude and un-Photoshopped on the February cover of Marie Claire magazine. According to Hawkins, the photo shoot is meant to... Read more »

The Skinny on Miss Universe Skinny-ism

The Daily Beast posted a video today of Australian pageant contestant Stephanie Naumoska talking with Diane Sawyer about audience reactions to her physique (which is quite thin). Is it skinny-ism? Is that even a thing? Watch the video and let’s... Read more »

None of the above, actually.

Today in the lovely land down under of Australia, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission is considering adding a third gender option to... Read more »

The Yanks are ruining yet another overseas comedy series

Kath and Kim are the clueless, flamboyant, and extremely tacky Australian mother and daughter on the show of the same name. The Aussie series—whose cocreators, Jane Turner and Gina... Read more »