Catching Heat: Veronica Alvarez Goes to Bat for Girls in Baseball

As it now stands, once girls age out of youth baseball at 12, there’s nowhere else for them to play. 

The Women’s Baseball World Cup is the Best Kept Secret in Sports

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Cavalier Non-Apologies: Calling Foul on Josh Hader’s Offensive Tweets

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Thanks To Sexism, We Still Need “A League of Their Own” 25 Years Later

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In Fox's "Pitch" Gender Essentialism Stars Alongside Every Sports Cliché in the Book

The best thing about Pitch is the charismatic protagonist Ginny Baker, played wonderfully by Kylie Bunbury, who approaches the role with an emotional nuance and subtlety that balances the show’s heavy-handed script.  Read more »

What Happens When White Men Talk About Black Women in Sports

During an ESPN interview last week, Mo’ne Davis stressed that she really just wants to play ball.  In last week’s Little League World Series, Mo’Ne Davis was the all-star on the pitcher’s mound: ... Read more »

Top Ten Reasons Why This Feminist is a Sports Fan: #3

I'm not a sports fan because of a guy I'm dating, or as an excuse to tailgate. I admit to exulting a bit when I can dismantle the preconception of who a sports fan is, or who a woman is, simply by talking about sports, which I love anyway. And I love the chance to have my own preconceptions... Read more »