Hey, Let's Not Slut-Shame Beyoncé for Her Super Bowl Outfit

Sports pundits are still be trying to make yesterday’s Super Bowl all about the actual game (and yes, that 108-yard touchdown was pretty impressive), but let’s be honest with ourselves—the real winner of the game was Beyoncé’s halftime performance. And not just because she didn... Read more »

Body Double (Standard): The celebrity profiles of Megan Fox and Beyonc

Men’s magazines are dubious during the best of times, but so far 2013 is bringing out their worst. Last week, eyebrows were raised by this flimsy GQ profile of... Read more »

RetroPop: Pride & Prejudice & Carly Rae Jepsen

Welcome to the first proper installment of RetroPop! A blog in which I, your humble guest writer, bring together my loves for the Billboard Hot 100 and bodacious bits from female artists of the past. It’s all based on my argument that lady-related pop messages of today are no less worthy... Read more »

Thinking Kink: The Politics of BDSM Fashion

Considering how restrictive so much kinky clothing is, when does sexy cross the line into sexist? Is shoe-horning oneself into corsets, latex or agonizingly high heels just part of fetishism, or is it just another way in which the female body is molded and manipulated? Today, I’m peeling back... Read more »

On Our Radar: Intersections of Race and Feminism, Body Image, and the next Beyonc

This has been another week! Here’s what we’ve been reading. s.e. smith weighs in on the tragic shooting in Colorado this morning, asking why we blame “crazy”... Read more »

Bridal Party: Put A Ring On It! (An Origin Story)

When Beyoncé took a stand for all “single ladies,” no one in my then-same-sex relationship had as of yet put any rings on anything and I was pretty happy about that. After thoughtful and difficult conversations, however, my person and I agreed on a compromise: I came around to the romantic angle... Read more »

"Leave Michelle Obama Alone With Your Random-Ass Opinions"

Jay Smooth and his cat, telling it like it is. Jay Smooth (who has been posting two videos a week lately—hooray!) has a new PSA up today on why the media should stop freaking out over Michelle Obama’s love of Beyoncé. Read more »

On Our Radar

Happy Leap Year Week! Sociological Images outlines how Leap Year Day was used as a day to ... Read more »

Beyonce in Weddingland

My love of Beyoncé has been well documented on this blog before, so I won’t get into it again here. However, I do want to talk about Bey’s new video for “The Best Thing I Never Had,” or rather, talk about the way other people are... Read more »

Run the World Girl: In Defense of Beyonce

OK, first things first: I am a Beyoncé fan. However, fandom aside (well, sort of, because you can’t ever really throw fandom aside) I must say that I’m surprised by all of the negative pushback Bey’s latest video, “... Read more »