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“Top Chef” Star Karen Akunowicz Talks about Gender Dynamics in the Kitchen

Karen Akunowicz brings queer femme representation into the world of mainstream reality TV.  Read more »

More People Are Identifying as Bisexual—and That’s Great!

We talk with author Shiri Eisner about the changing nature of bisexual identity.  Read more »

All That You Change Changes You: A Conversation with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

If you know anything about Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, you probably know she’s a tough femme whose work spans a wide and ever-growing range of conversations, topics, feelings, and experiences. Read more »

Ava Duvernay on "Selma" and Telling the Stories of Black Women

In all of her films, director Ava Duvernay creates nuanced portraits of reality—portraits where strength blends with loss and composure blends with instability. Read more »

Girl, Uninterrupted: A Q&A with Feminist Fashion Writer Kim France

There are women in this world who, when they hear the name “Kim France,” literally gasp because they are so. Damn. Excited. And rightly so: As a writer, editor, and blogger, France has had a dreamworthy career in zeitgeisty print... Read more »

Fabulous, Opinionated, and Feminist: An Interview with Tom and Lorenzo

Feminism and fashion might not always seem like the perfect fit, but after checking out Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez’s eponymous site, you may come away with some new ideas. Read more »

Sex Work is Work: A Conversation with Melissa Gira Grant

Sex worker movements are intersectional movements by necessity. Read more »

Mock & Awe: Janet Mock on Truth-Telling, Community Building, and Writing the Story She Had Been Waiting for Her Whole Life

Redefining Realness is written with astounding honesty and heart. Read more »

Ytasha Womack on Afrofuturism and the World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Afrofuturism is where the past and future meet. Read more »

Eating Out: Real Talk with “Meaty’s” Samantha Irby

“Food is soothing, and my drugs of choice are the foods that feel the best.” Read more »