BitchTapes: A Teen's Guide to Current Country

As a sixteen-year-old and lover of country music, I often struggle with the demeaning lyrics about women in mainstream country music perpetuates. However, there have always been a few artists who break that mold and manage to... Read more »

BitchTapes: Glitter and Gold

This mix is mostly new releases in 2014 and 2015, but I added in some older songs, too, just to match the mood. It’s beat-driven ethereal pop that’ll make you dance in your office chair. Enjoy.... Read more »

Bitchtapes: It Hurts Me Too

I was talking to a friend about the new Bjork album Vulnicura recently, and she confided that... Read more »

BitchTapes: Independent Daughters

This week's feminist mixtape is all talented daughters who grew up with famous parents. Thanks to musician and writer Jordannah Elizabeth for putting together this fun mix! ... Read more »

BitchTapes: Funk Yes!

The number one song in the country right now is Uptown Funk, the catchy tune by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars that seems to be playing on every radio. Seeing the song top the charts made me realize that I know nothing about ... Read more »

BitchTapes: Tori Amos, Cover Artist

I first discovered Tori Amos when I was a teen girl trying to make sense of the world. Her music guided me through the lows and embellished the highs, and to this day she is my favorite living musician. I also love cover... Read more »

BitchTapes: Female Drummers Who Rock

This week’s Bitchtape features 10 of the most heavy hitting women drummers in rock. Female Drummers Who Rock from... Read more »

BitchTapes: Great New Music from 2014

I don't believe in “good” or “bad” years when it comes to feminist music. Someone, somewhere is always making good, smart, emotive, political music that promotes respect, education, and equality (or the out-and-out misandrist... Read more »

BitchTapes: Women You Should Know If You Were Born in the 1980s

I was born in 1986 and feel like I'm clueless about basically all music from around the mid-'70s to the mid-'90s. For this mix, I asked my friends to tell me all the music from that era I should know about but don... Read more »

BitchTapes: Crushville

As queer folks, it can be hard to find music that resonates with our experiences of crushing and intimacy. Thanks to the folks operating the Tumblr directory “Girls and Nonbinary Folks in Music,” my quest was... Read more »