BitchTapes: Conversational Hits!

Conversational song has to be one of the most overlooked music genres ever, next to songs that mimic whale noises and songs that have no rhyming whatsoever. More than just duets and trios, these songs feature singers responding to one another in verse and usually a recognizable narrative arc.... Read more »

BitchTapes: Slowin' it Down

Lots of songs are slow, but to recall the awkward, needlessly dramatic tradition of the junior or senior high school “slow dance,” tunes need to have several additional qualities for me: They must speak of a love most intense and cinematic. They must have a late-'90s sensibility,... Read more »

Bitchtapes: Whitewashed Rock

To wrap up Black Music Month, I thought I'd feature just a few popular songs that were originally recorded by black artists…only to become more popular (and profitable) by white artists. I'm not advocating for any version over the other (okay, so Big... Read more »

BitchTapes: The Future

I'm reading Woman on the Edge of Time for the Bitch Book Club (which meets next Tuesday night, if you're in the Portland area!), and it's got me thinking about the future. Most of it's not that bright-looking. Humans might... Read more »

BitchTapes: American Black Music Month

It's been 32 years since the music industry officially recognized June as American Black Music Month. But, ask any casual music fan and she'll tell you that popular black music has been pumping through the speaker box since long before 1979. Read more »

Bitchtapes: Going Places

Whether you're leaving town, taking a drive, or just moving the eff ON, here's a mix that will have you covered no matter where you're going! Track list after the jump. Read more »

BitchTapes: Worldly Ladies

Overheard at the bar last week: “The thing is, I'm just REALLY not into female singers.” Well, here are 13 tracks including music by Bebel Gilberto, Césaria Évora, and France Gall, that show how much you're REALLY missing out. These international ladies really know how to, ¿cómo se... Read more »

BitchTapes: Forgotten Fem Gems

Ever wonder how singles are chosen? All of these female or female-led artists have found success… but not, strangely, with these songs. This week on BitchTapes, listen to the hits that should have been. Track list and space for your own faves after the jump! Read more »

BitchTapes: Love Your Mother mix

This week's BitchTapes: Songs about Mom. Some sweet. Some blue. Some good. Some true. Track list after the jump! Read more »

BitchTapes: Royal Wedding Mix!

When I was a teen, my mom would (jokingly?) advise me to tell boys who got too fresh that I was saving myself for Prince William and thus needed to preserve my virgin status. Though it never came to that, I've always had a soft spot for... Read more »