The Blue Issue

Articles published in the print Bitch magazine issue, Blue. Check out the complete table of contents for the issue here.

Yes We Can: Gushing Over the Ability to Ejaculate

Instead of teaching women about their bodies and embracing female ejaculation, we’ve prescribed corrective surgeries, pharmaceuticals, and Kegel exercises to fix what’s become misunderstood.

A Darker Shade of Blue: Depictions of Postpartum Depression Onscreen Paint a Dire Picture for Moms Watching at Home

One in seven mothers experiences postpartum depression, but most never seek help. Read more »

If You Mold It, They Will Come: How Gosnell Duncan’s Devices Changed the Feminist Sex-Toy Game Forever

It’s hard to imagine that sex toys were once controversial within the feminist movement.  Read more »

Making Waves: The Slow Crawl Toward Making Swimming More Inclusive

Significant barriers obscure women, people of color, and disabled swimmers from entering the water. Read more »

About the Cover: The Blue Issue

Our current summer print magazine is the Blue issue. With any theme that has so many literal and immediate visual references, I try to dig a little bit deeper for inspiration to do justice to the complicated content.  Read more »

Got the World in a Jug: The legacy of the blueswoman transcends genre

All brazen women in popular music, it could be argued, owe a debt to Bessie Smith. The no-nonsense, deep-voiced singer, nicknamed the Empress of the Blues, made more money than any other Black performer of her time, recording 160 songs between 1923 and 1931, many about sexual desire, abusive... Read more »

BitchTapes: Songs for When You’re Blue

Jessica Hopper curated this mixtape of blue-times listening. Read more »