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Homogeneity in Seoul Made Me Appreciate the Diversity We Do Have Here

  I spent last week in Seoul, the modern cultural hub of South Korea, where international sensation Psy first made his mark.  It’s a crowded city plastered with images... Read more »

I'm a Model and I Eat.

One Day, Two Comments About Good Looking Women in Politics

Today saw not one, but two politicians toss offhand comments about appearances at women involved in politics. One of those men is the chair of a South Carolina county’s Republican Party, which, well, no surprise. But the other is President Barack Obama. Obama! Step it up. Read more »

How Do We Get Beyond Talking About Women as Either Sexy or Sex-Less?

Feminist forums have been abuzz recently about the editor of Esquire... Read more »

A Model Explores Race, Sexuality, and Gender in the Entertainment Industry

Television shows, movies, and other forms of showbiz are crucial parts of conversations about race and sex in our society. But ironically, the dynamics of what happens behind the scenes in the entertainment industry is not so well-known. As a feminist model and writer in eternally sunny Los... Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the latest of what we’re reading up on. Advertising in men’s magazines... Read more »

FOX News Shames Adele for Being "Fat" While Saying They Care About "Tough Issue" of Body Image

FOX News’ coverage of Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s performances at the Grammy’s took a bizarre turn when the channel brought on a nutritionist to discuss the “critics who are taking to Twitter saying they need to slim down.” Why random people calling famous women fat on Twitter is valued... Read more »

The Ugly Truth Behind the Beauty Premium

If we, like Betty Suarez and Peggy Olson, possess talent and ambition but not fashion-model looks, is there hope for us in image-conscious workplaces? Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Don't Apologize for Your Metabolism, Lady. No, Really. It's Cool.

“I think this book will probably upset a few people, i think it will be looked at wrong by some people.” Ladies and gents, Britton Delizia, master of understatement. Read more »