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Size Matters: Your Big Fat Reading List

Since the end of summer is rapidly approaching, I thought I’d suggest a selection of books on fat acceptance and fat bodies in general for you to finish the season with. Some of these I’ve read, others I’m in the process of reading. If I have any personal insights on the book I’ll share them with... Read more »

Size Matters: The Bigger the Ass, the More the Sass

When it comes to roles on television and in movies, fat actresses have few options. Instead of portraying diverse, multifaceted characters, they are usually relegated to either sassy fat sidekick or supportive fat best friend. Of course, as Marissa Audia-Raymo illustrates in her BUST Magazine... Read more »

Push(back) at the Intersections: Fat. So?

The fat acceptance movement has been active for a long time. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance has been around since 1969, challenging social attitudes about fat and fighting for fat equality. There are clear intersections between fat acceptance and feminism, as writers... Read more »

Size Matters: But You Have Such a Pretty Face

As there seems to be a basic lack of understanding of fat acceptance among many readers here, I think it's appropriate to take some time out and illustrate some of what I consider the main lessons taught by the fat positivity and fat acceptance movements. I recognize that Bitch does not regularly... Read more »

Size Matters: Small Screen, Big Women

While there are endless examples of fat female characters portrayed in an unappealing light on television, fewer and farther between are positive portrayals of female fatness. When you come across one, even if it's on an otherwise dull show, it's refreshing to see. I'd like to take in a few of... Read more »

Size Matters: You Better Work

Fat fashion, while still leaving much to be desired, has definitely come a long way. I can remember going to Lane Bryant with my mom as a little girl and being horrified by the beaded, sequined, baggy travesties they called clothes. Now the travesties are poly-cotton blend! I joke; Lane Bryant is... Read more »

Size Matters: Just One Last Donut

The majority of my life has been spent inhabiting a body deemed too fat. While I spent my early childhood and elementary years as a "normal" sized child, I soon started the upward climb towards "fat" and when I reached that particular mountaintop, my body built a house, bought the furniture, put in... Read more »

Mad World: When advertisers stop being polite and start getting real

We had a conversation in the comments section on another Mad World post a while back regarding ads that use real people instead of actors to sell their products. Do these people get paid? Are they actually just actors in disguise? Why are we strangely... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Office's Subversive Messages About Fatness

Image: A dressed-up Phyllis Lapin with Bob Vance As The Office is a show about white people and men primarily; it is also a show about size-privileged... Read more »

On the Map: The Kitchen Sisters Shift from Food to Feminism

Kitchen Sisters Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva debut The Hidden World of Girls on NPR with an interesting tale about Jamaican women obtaining beauty from an unlikely source. Read more »