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Size Matters: Just One Last Donut

The majority of my life has been spent inhabiting a body deemed too fat. While I spent my early childhood and elementary years as a "normal" sized child, I soon started the upward climb towards "fat" and when I reached that particular mountaintop, my body built a house, bought the furniture, put in... Read more »

Mad World: When advertisers stop being polite and start getting real

We had a conversation in the comments section on another Mad World post a while back regarding ads that use real people instead of actors to sell their products. Do these people get paid? Are they actually just actors in disguise? Why are we strangely... Read more »

TelevIsm: The Office's Subversive Messages About Fatness

Image: A dressed-up Phyllis Lapin with Bob Vance As The Office is a show about white people and men primarily; it is also a show about size-privileged... Read more »

On the Map: The Kitchen Sisters Shift from Food to Feminism

Kitchen Sisters Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva debut The Hidden World of Girls on NPR with an interesting tale about Jamaican women obtaining beauty from an unlikely source. Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Howard "You Finally Wore Us Down with Your Douchiness" Stern

In an effort to cast a net beyond the sea of my own opinions (most of which involve reality television and hilarious animal photos) I asked for reader feedback on this week’s Douchebag Decree. The nominations were many, and all were deserving:... Read more »

The Biotic Woman: Talking to Ruby Roth

You don't have to be a full time animal rights activist to spread the good word about healthy food, climate change, and women's and children's rights. Ruby Roth, author and illustrator of the recently released That's Why We Don't Eat Animals: A Book About... Read more »

Stop calling Joan Holloway fat!

If I hear another blogger/author/interviewer comment on Christina Hendricks’ weight I might lose it. As if her body (omg BOOBS) wasn’t enough of a focus already, now she is being picked apart for her appearance at the Golden... Read more »

Race Card: Skin Lightening Creams Promise Happiness, Come with Risks

Dermatologists are seeing a rise in the number of women with skin problems stemming from bleaching creams. Thinning of skin, bruising and acne are some of the adverse effects doctors have noticed. Despite the risks of skin bleaching, sales of lightening creams are strong, the New York Times... Read more »

Jennifer Hawkins poses nude, "flaws" and all

Australian beauty queen and model Jennifer Hawkins appears nude and un-Photoshopped on the February cover of Marie Claire magazine. According to Hawkins, the photo shoot is meant to... Read more »

Screenshot: Whatever Lola wants, she deserves

If there is a better metaphor for the corrosive spiritual effects of internalizing the dehumanizing commercial definition of “beauty” than the soul-sickened doctors of “Nip/Tuck,” I haven’t seen it on TV. Read more »