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Carol Weston Knows All About Teen Girl Problems

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There's No Such Thing As a Post-Baby Body

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New Web Series "The Skinny" Takes on Eating Disorders with Dark Comedy

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We Can Already Declare "The Duff" To Be the Worst Movie of 2015

This movie is just as bad as it looks.  Let’s just get this clear at the outset: New film The DUFF is based on the premise that every group of female friends has a “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” whose sole purpose for being in the group is to act as a gateway to her... Read more »

Pretty Unnecessary: Taking beauty out of body positivity

In the early 2000s, when I was a burgeoning fashionable fat girl, I stumbled across the LiveJournal community Fatshionista. I loved seeing pictures of women my size or larger dressed in stylish, interesting, sexy clothes, embracing bright colors and form-fitting cuts, performing liberation and... Read more »