The Chaos Issue

Bitch List: Chaos

Staff picks and feminist favorites.

“Feminist Fight Club” Is a Manual on How to Destroy Office Patriarchy

Feminist Fight Club works through male stereotypes one encounters in the office and offers tips on how to counteract their boorish behavior. Read more »

“Sirena” Empowers Cholas To Create Community

Sirena is seven tracks of pure euphoria, best enjoyed while biking around the graffitied streets of your hood of choice. Read more »

Three Icons: 30 Years Later “Trio” Still Offers a Unique Sound

“The Complete Trio Collection” is a winding mountain road of nuanced, often bittersweet emotions that features everything from upbeat gospel numbers to heart-wrenching breakup ballads. Read more »

Chess Master: “Queen of Katwe” Is Disney’s Greatest Feat

Unlike most Disney and other Western films set in Africa and focused on Black people, this film doesn’t employ lazy, racist, heteronormative tropes. There is no white savior. Read more »

“The If Project” Amplifies the Voices of Women Behind Bars

The IF Project interviews inmates at the Washington Corrections Center for Women and the cop who heads the program, Kim Bogucki. Read more »

“For All We Know” Proves NAO is Ready to be a Headliner

NAO’s lyrics tell complex stories throughout For All We Know, exhibiting a full, and fully relatable, spectrum of emotions. Read more »

Dehumanizing Victims: “Profiled” Shines Light on Forgotten Police Brutality Victims

Profiled follows families of victims of police violence in New York as they fight for justice for their loved ones. Read more »

Game Changer: Finding Community and Self-Evolution

The empowerment online video games offers to people struggling to find a communities offline is immense. Read more »

This is Your Brain on Drugs: Women lead the field in psychedelic psychotherapy

We now know that the U.S.-led “War on Drugs” has failed to stop people from using drugs. But one thing prohibitionists did succeed in halting, for decades, was scientific psychedelics research. Read more »

Our Apocalypse, Ourselves: How Fictional Apocalypses Reveal and Soothe Our Greatest Fears

In a way, dystopian tales act as bedtime stories and cautionary tales for adults. Read more »