The Chaos Issue

“Ojos Del Sol” Celebrates Contradictions and Mexican Folklore

Y La Bamba finds their voice swaying and shaking in the in-betweens and unknowns, in the range and sum of experience. Read more »

Between Two Worlds: “Ixcanul” Highlights a Cultural Conflict Many Immigrants Face

Ixcanul is a story about the conflicts between family, culture, and language. Read more »

“Women in the Qur’an” Makes Islam a Liberation Tool

“Women in the Qur’an” may prove an important contribution to the conversation about Islam and the sociopolitical realities of Muslim women’s lived experience. Read more »

“Little Wing’s” Coming of Age Story is for Complicated Girls

Little Wing is a mature film that takes the women in it seriously. Read more »

Iced Out: Blair Braverman on Gender, Trauma, and the Dual Realities of Life in the Arctic

When I began reading Blair Braverman’s memoir, Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube, I knew I would love it because it chronicled her life as a dog musher and her adventures in the Arctic. Read more »

Right on Time: Regina Spektor's Latest Album was Worth the Wait

Spektor is as much if not more of a storyteller than a pop songwriter, and that has never been more true than on Remember Us to Life. Read more »

Ride or Die: Documentary "Ovarian Psycos" Paints a Complex Portrait of a Badass Latinx Bicycle Gang

Ovarian Psycos provides an intimate look inside contemporary East Los Angeles. Read more »

Phoebe Robinson's Debut Book Takes on Race, Gender, and Pop Culture

There are infinite ways to be Black, and in You Can’t Touch My Hair Robinson deftly illustrates her own. Read more »

The Physics of Melanin: Science and the Chaotic Social Construct of Race

There is much to be learned from studying melanin, including how racism can derail our capacity to nurture discovery. Read more »

Male Tears for Fears: Embracing the Ironic Performance of Misandry

Women are using performative misandry as both comedy and coping mechanism; a way to bond with each other and commiserate about the seeming inevitability of their oppression. Read more »