Thursday Night 'Lights: Ho-Hum Halloween

It’s always fun to see how our favorite shows celebrate Halloween. This week’s comedies featured wacky costumes and even ghost stories, and yet all felt like a bit of a letdown. Let’s take a look at how each comedy tackled the spook-tacular holiday. Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Which Characters Need a Shake Up?

This week, our favorite comedy block was in reruns. So instead of recaps, I’m singling out characters from each show who seem to be in a rut, and how they can get out of it. Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: A Fun Night Out

“I want to go to there.” This Liz Lemon quote kept echoing inside my head while watching three-fourths of NBC’s Thursday comedy block this week. Almost all the shows ventured out of familiar settings, and as a result we were treated to a housewarming party, a camping trip (with candy! and... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Since We're Stuck With Whitney, Let's Improve the Show

For this installment of TNL, I’ve decided to focus on the most beloved new show of the fall season. That’s right, Whitney. Since NBC has chosen to give it a full season pickup, I think its time to accept the show is here to stay until May. So before I get to the other recaps... Read more »


I wish that The Hangover had hit theaters in 2007 to get that roundtable’s perspective on Mr. Chow, because my immediate reaction to the role in the context of Asian American stereotyping was that it represented more of the same. Don’t get me wrong: Ken Jeong is a hilarious... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: Who Won Must-See TV's Battle Royale?

In a kooky coincidence, the phrase “battle royale” was uttered on both Community and Parks and Recreation. In the spirit of the strange competitions exhibited on both shows this week, I’m going to crown one of our NBC comedies the winner of the Thursday Night Battle Royale... Read more »

Thursday Night 'Lights: NBC's New Must-See TV (and Whitney)

Like many people in the ’90s, I tuned into NBC’s enormously popular Thursday night comedy block for FriendsSeinfeld and many other shows in that time slot over the decade. At the time, it was like the TV equivalent of seeing Jurassic Park... Read more »

Anyone Else Up All Night Thinking About <em>Up All Night</em>?

I just finished watching the new NBC comedy Up All Night, and though repeat viewings might reveal plot holes and problematic jokes (it is a network sitcom, after all), I absolutely loved it. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate... Read more »

We're All Mad Here: Fighting Stigma Through Humor

Last year in Canada, there were two nation-wide campaigns to fight mental health stigma. The first focused on the financial cost of mental health. It was launched by one of our major banks, and had a slick advertising campaign full of dark colors and statistics. There were multi-page discussions... Read more »

Dark of the Matin

I have always had a baseless, irrational hatred for Cameron Diaz. I’ve never kept up with any tabloid news about her personal life, so it’s not like I think she’s a bad person; I don’t even think she’s a bad actress. I just don’t like her. So it was inevitable... Read more »


Tina Belcher's Sexual Revolution

Tina Belcher breaks all the rules of network sitcoms. That's why she's wonderful.  Read more »