cultural appropriation

And the Cultural Appropriation Prize Goes to...White Writers

When a white editor proposed an “appropriation prize,” other white editors launched a real and very public campaign to fund it. Read more »

The Sugar of Black Cool: Pepsi’s Botched Commercial Is Just One Problem in the Web of Food Justice

If the primary response to the Pepsi commercial doesn’t center on youth of color, we’re all missing the point. Read more »

Whitewashing Death Note: Hollywood's Unabashed Bleaching of Anime Continues

Netflix, in whitewashing a series so popular that it appealed to even non-weeaboos, is encouraging white audiences to remember the characters how they want to, rather than how they were actually written. Read more »

Backtalk: Milo's Demise & Vogue's Yellowface

Dahlia and Amy take small pleasures wherever they can get them, such as celebrating the public downfall of famed conservative troll, Milo Yiannopoulos. Writer Roxane Gay, who pulled her book from publishing with Simon & Schuster after they announced a book deal with Yiannopoulus, warns... Read more »

Record Scratch: Justin Bieber Crashes Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"

Stick to the questionable-but-danceable jams about failed communication with your romantic partners, Biebz. Sing what you know. Read more »

"Racist Sandwich" Podcast Serves Up Discussion of Race, Gender, & Food Culture

A podcast at the intersection of race, gender, culture, and nom nom.  Read more »

A Short Resource Guide to Food, Race, and Cultural Appropriation

These podcasts, books, and talks are great starting places for thinking about race and food. Read more »

Popaganda Episode: Snacks

We talk with Top Chef star Karen Akunowicz about how she handles being an executive chef at a super busy restaurant. Then, writer and chef Soleil Ho shares an essay on race, food, and identity and talks about the politics of... Read more »

Slip On These "Whiteness Goggles" and the Violence of Cultural Appropriation Disappears

A new series of prints by artist Roger Peet aims to address a tricky topic: cultural appropriation.  Read more »

Just Eat It: A Comic About Food and Cultural Appropriation

This comic is about the cultural appropriation of food—the tendency of people to easily co-opt “ethnic” cuisine as their own, while simultaneously obsessing over the “authenticity” of food. Read more »