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She Pop: Madonna Is Your Dorm Room Poster, And Further Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

You know what I totally appreciate? Being called out when I am stupid! An exciting incidence of this occurred recently, on my Madonna post, where commenter Crys T notes:  OK, on this point, I get why you're happy to have Madonna around. But it would be nice to see more recognition on the part of... Read more »

Ms. Magazine Offends with Summer Cover

Did Ms. learn nothing from the National Review debacle? Read more »

"Like a Rejection": Madonna Denied

When people talk about Madonna as a symbol of female empowerment, I have to ask, "Empowering to whom?" Certainly not to the black and brown people populating her Sex book, her videos, or her film Truth or Dare. It is through this lens of Madonna's messy racial and sexual politics that I viewed... Read more »