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Backtalk: The Daily Show, Cosmo, and WrestleMania!

On Backtalk, hosts Amy Lam and Sarah Mirk discuss top pop culture stories of the week, offering snappy feminist analysis on the issues and people making headlines right now.  This week, Amy and Sarah talk about new Daily Show host Trevor Noah and a troubling Cosmo beauty guide. Also, Bitch’s new media intern and resident feminist pro-wrestling fan Ariana Vives tells us all about the women of WrestleMania. 

Watch Samantha Bee Kick Ass in the Name of Choice at the Republic National Convention

Having a hard time wrapping your mind around the shitshow that is the... Read more »

Louis C.K. thinks "feminists can't take a joke," but his Daily Show interview wasn't ALL bad.

Louis C.K. claims he was vacationing sans Internet when the story broke about Daniel Tosh’s rape “jokes.” Kind of a coincidence that he’d... Read more »

"The Women's Vote" Was Awesome on The Daily Show Last Night

On The Daily Show last night, Jason Jones met with Tad Devine, a political consultant, to talk about the increasing emphasis on “the women’s vote” among the remaining presidential candidates. After pointing out that many of the discussions about women in Washington don’t... Read more »

GOP Drops Asinine Attempt to Redefine Rape as "Forcible Rape." Thank You, Kristen Schaal!

Looks like some members of the GOP must have seen The Daily Show last night, because they’ve decided to give up on their ridiculous crusade to redefine... Read more »

Tube Tied: Stephen Colbert Asks About Women, and Maybe that's All I Need

I spend a lot of time blogging complaints. Not enough women, too many but too insubstantial, why do they only talk to each other about men, etc., etc. This is a complaint commonly made about bloggers, and, hell, feminists, that they are too critical and don't ever seem to see any good in anything... Read more »

Olivia Munn Can’t Tell the Difference between a Critique and an Insult

There’s a distinction between critiquing and bashing someone that’s sometimes hard to make, especially on the internet. Read more »

Screenshot: Why it may not matter whether a woman ever hosts Late Night

This whole late-night kerfluffle is an odd relic of a dying age. Maybe, the next TV institution won't be as much of a boys' club as late night turned out to be. Read more »

Tube Tied: In Which I Gingerly Criticize Jon Stewart

Like many a thinking lady I watch the Daily Show mostly for Jon. When it is on hiatus, and it always disappointingly seems to be on hiatus when America goes a little mad in the late summer (2005: Katrina, 2008: Sarah Palin, 2009: Health Care Nonsense), my evenings seem even less magical than they... Read more »

The First Lady Fashion Show

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Samantha Bee

Just so you all don't think I don't love and support our gal-comics on this side of the pond, I thought I'd share this. You may have already seen this if you have cable—but Samantha Bee of The Daily Show does a great bit with Stewart about her reaction as a woman to McCain's choice of Palin for VP... Read more »