Making Geek Chic: Can tech crafting outfit more girls for technology?

Wearable technology may feel like science fiction, but it's actually becoming a reality right before our eyes. Law enforcement, the military, and the medical industry have long sought ways to integrate technology with clothing to augment health and personal safety. More recently, high fashion... Read more »

Sm{art}: Does it matter if your vibrator is sexy?

How many times have I heard people describe a new new laptop computer or i-Whatever as sexy? So much so that apple has built a brand on technology that people want to touch, hold, explore. Sleek, clean, shiny. High-touch and high-... Read more »

Adventures in Feministory : Charlotte Perriand

Although she’s often overlooked in favor of bigger names like Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand was one of France’s most influential designers. Read more »

Sm{art}: Keetra Dean Dixon

"The greatest thing is that I can never anticipate how people are going to react to my projects. Without fail, it's a hugely delightful experience and that's why I do any of the pieces I've done. I want to see the exchange with the people." ~ Keetra Dean Dixon Read more »

We're looking for a design intern!

Hey all you makers of type and image—Bitch is looking for a design intern! Read more »

The Turkish Delight in Woman-Designed Mosque

The first mosque in Turkey to be designed by a woman, Sakirin is a stunning architectural work. Read more »

SM{ART} // Futurefarmers: Cultivating your consciousness.

In what is probably the grossest understatement posted on this blog so far, these be tough times right now. With the hailstorm that is our economy, international policy, unemployment rate, climate change and much more, sometimes it's very difficult to be positive. While it's great to think... Read more »

Most amazing designer in a pinafore. Ever.

Say hello to the smart blog—again. Yep, we're bringin' the arts back to the Bitch blog roll. First installment—Ray Eames: Godmother of modern design. Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: Stepanova and Popova

As a graphic designer, my interests in innovative women of history are often strongest for those involved in visual arts. And as a former student of Russian and a devoted Russophile, my obsession... Read more »

Reader Shock: Anecdotes Are Not Trends

The New York Times is at it again, publishing yet another random collection of anecdotes masquerading as a bold new trend. With today's doozy, "Parent Shock: Children Are Not Decor," the paper of record continues to perfect the art of taking a nominally interesting subject -- in this case, the... Read more »