the Devotion issue

“The Misandrists” Offers a Muddled Critique of Radical Feminism

Is it possible to lampoon radical feminism and celebrate it at the same time?

Starved for Sainthood: The Divine Hunger of Catherine of Siena

When 33-year-old Catherine Benincasa lay dying of starvation, her final words were of triumph; she had done this to herself, on purpose, for God. Read more »

Dressed for Protest: Remodeling the quinceañera for immigration reform

This is the point where ball gowns and protest intersect. Read more »

Drawn Out: Sun God

During the solar eclipse, I prayed. Not that I’m religious or anything. Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: They Called Her Dr. D, Part Two

Dr. D. always said what she meant and meant what she said. Read more »

Adventures in Feministory: They Called Her Dr. D, Part One

A graduate of Meharry Medical College, Dr. Dorothy Brown was the first African American woman surgeon in the south. Read more »

I Learned It on Youtube: What Online Beauty Gurus Can—or Can’t—Teach Us About Sex

With so many young girls watching thousands of videos a day, and even uploading their own content using iPhone cameras, a new avenue of sex education is on the rise. Read more »

Sacrificial idols: In J-pop, Teen Dreams Become Nightmares

What’s the cost for J-pop teen stardom? Read more »

Cover Story: How Hollywood Closeted Queerness for Capital

Hollywood’s “Golden Age” was not golden for LGBTQ actors. Read more »

Neither Slave Nor Pharaoh: Finding the Divine in BSDM

To be Muslim is to be one who submits. Read more »

Bitch List: Devotion

The best of pop culture on the horizon, handpicked by Bitch staff. Read more »