Remembering Roger Ebert, the Feminist

Roger Ebert, the man synonymous with film criticism, passed away yesterday after 46 years in his profession. Why this has anything to do with feminism? I’ll tell you. Read more »

On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

It’s almost the weekend! Here’s some news on our radar. If you’re in Arizona and want to go pee, be ready to show your papers indicating what gender you were assigned at birth... Read more »

Daddy Issues: Keeping it (Upper Middle) Classy

With its over the top premise and mining of dementia for “comedy”, I could never get into Raising Hope, but there’s one thing I do appreciate about the sitcom: it’s one of very few successful shows to... Read more »

On Our Radar: Jenni Rivera, Trolls, and Mental Illness

This week has unfortunately been filled with tragedy.  When we weren’t reading the news, we were reading up on some of this week’s other big issues.  Here’s what we found: Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in Mexico this past weekend.  Here’s an excellent... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Crip Couture

Chicago-based artist Sandie Yi is the virtuoso behind Crip Couture, an avant-garde wearable art project for disabled people seeking to redefine constricting standards of beauty, agency and “normalcy.” Yi transforms... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Maysoon Zayid: Arab Gone Wild

“For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not wasted, but the doctor who delivered me was.” So begins the standup comedy set from Maysoon Zayid: disabled comic, actor, humanitarian, and “Arab Gone Wild.” Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Bolshy Divas: Masked Feminist Avengers

Taking a cue from feminist art-world culture-jamming collective the Guerrilla Girls comes Australia’s Bolshy Divas—anonymous disability activists “in the style of feminist masked avengers, exposing and discussing discrimination, unmet need, and issues which affect people with disability and... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Ode to Krip Hop's Leroy Moore

Leroy Moore is a man of action: poet, community activist, artist, feminist… the list goes on. Spend any time in the crip community and his name will inevitably surface, which should come as no surprise. Moore is a walking archive of disability art and history with a gift for broad networking... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Laughing At The Disabled

Defying nondisabled persons outdated notions of what disability is like is difficult enough; making people laugh while doing so is a feat of its own. Thankfully, there are some badasses taking that immense challenge head on and succeeding. Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Lydia Callis: ASL Interpreter Heartthrob

Regardless of why Lydia Callis has become an overnight celebrity, she’s unintentionally brought ASL into the forefront of American media, highlighting not only the vibrancy of the language, but also the necessity of diverse communication strategies- particularly in emergencies. Read more »