Tales From The Crip: "The Paper Mirror: Drawing Alison Bechdel"

Renowned visual artist and educator Riva Lehrer has teamed up with brilliant cartoonist and graphic memoirist, Alison Bechdel in the new short film, “The Paper Mirror: Drawing Alison Bechdel.” Read more »

Tales From The Crip: "How's Your News?" Is Back!

How’s Your News?, America’s favorite (and only) newscast featuring a team of developmentally disabled reporters, has returned—and just in time for the 2012 presidential election! You may remember the team’s previous 2004 documentary, which chronicled their time at the... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Wheelchair Sports Camp Comes Legit

Spin Magazine recently ran a comprehensive and funny piece called “The 50 Biggest White Girl Rap Moments Of All Time.” Being a white woman who vehemently loves rap music, best believe... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro has been getting a heaping dose of publicity lately. It’s well-deserved. You may already recognize the charming comedian from her standup, or watched her play the feather-haired policewoman who briefly (and understandably) lesbianizes Sarah Silverman on the latter’s... Read more »

Tales From The Crip:

There are plenty of web shows to choose from but one of my favorites from this year is the standout comedy, My Gimpy Life. Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Sex Surrogacy in "The Sessions"

Polio just got a whole lot sexier! That’s because later this month The Sessions, a new film starring the always incredible John Hawkes (and directed by Ben Lewin, who’s disabled) will be making the rounds... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: This Is What Disability Looks Like

I have been told by some I am creating inspirational porn in a different form by showing images that are too queer, too sexuality provocative, and too fabulous—but I am sharing what people are sending me. Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me

Within Hollywood now, there’s still a huge dearth of material that not only features disability as a normal, everyday topic, (which of course it is), but does so in a thoughtful, comical manner. Most depictions of disability in cinema continue to fall back on insidious stereotypes of... Read more »

Tales From The Crip: Ready, Willing, and Disabled

What’s up Bitches!? Ahem. I mean “Hello, distinguished readers of the Bitch community. Pleased to make your acquaintance. How do you do?” My name is Caitlin and this is my new blogging series, “Tales From The Crip.” I hope you enjoy it and that we can be friends. Or at the very least, be... Read more »