The Best Thing About "Tomorrowland" Is the Spunky Teen Girl Genius

Disney’s Tomorrowland is a feel-good film built around a simple, optimistic idea: If all the dreamers, artists, and geniuses truly pitched in, we humans could work our way out of this current mess of climate change, constant war, and global inequality. Read more »

New Film "Into the Woods" is a Little Afraid of the Dark

Meryl Streep (and some fingernail extensions) play The Witch in new film Into the Woods It’s hard not to envy Meryl Streep. Her illustrious career aside, her staggering talent aside, and her ability to pull off both the ... Read more »

"Maleficent" Succeeds in (Finally!) Creating a Complex Witch

Whether they’re keeping busy as mistresses of all that is evil or simply threatening to get you and your little dog, too, bad witches in film have it rough. Hollywood’s villainous witches are often driven to cruelty by the sheer power they wield. More than that, they’re often portrayed as figures... Read more »

Disney's Missteps on “Alice in Arabia” Show the Need for Complex Muslim Characters on TV

You may have heard of the classic story Alice in Wonderland. In the 1951 Disney film version of the Lewis Caroll tale, Alice finds herself in a newfound world, where she meets a cast of rude characters with outlandish customs, including a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Now what if... Read more »

On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar today!Not all same-sex couples want to get married just because it’s legal. In fact, many gay couples are remaining... Read more »

Disney's "The Lone Ranger" is So, So Bad

At one point in Disney’s new The Lone Ranger, Tonto turns to his companion and describes a massacre against his people, “The rivers ran red with blood.” Well, so will this review, because all I felt for a two hours and 29 minutes was anger. Read more »

A Skeptical Look at the Newest Disney Princess Film, Frozen

Disney released the trailer last week for Frozen, the newest installment in its princess franchise that’s based off the tale of... Read more »

Disney Needs to Learn from Archie Comics and Embrace the Gay Kiss

In an issue that will go on sale in August, Archie Comics will feature a kiss between two openly gay characters, Kevin and his boyfriend Devon.... Read more »

All Praise Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum!

This week’s episode of the cartoon Adventure Time (titled “The Suitor”) revolved around a young man named Braco courting our favorite science fanatic, Princess Bubblegum. By the... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Disney's Grab for Dia de Los Muertos and Half-Assed Apology

Oh, Disney.  We don’t always want to hate on you. Sometimes we even debate whether your princesses have gotten better over the... Read more »