Mom & Pop Culture: The Princess Paradox

It’s hard to overlook all of the negative aspects that pop up along the princess path, and I knew that I would be very particular regarding exposure and access to princesses if I had a girl. Never in a million years did it cross my mind that I would be trying to navigate the same murky waters... Read more »

Mom & Pop Culture: Princess Week!

As Disney continues to sell their princesses (and make no mistake, they’re selling a brand, not just characters), they continue to show us that people will eat up these negative messages as long as they’re packaged in an appealing way—in this case, in pinks and purples and lots of... Read more »

Stage Left: "Mother Knows Best": on Abusive Parenting in TANGLED

Abusive parents are a real problem in the real world. I know more than a few people who upon seeing this movie connected Goethel’s behavior with that of their own parents, and took it as a cue to reassess their relationships. And because of that I think that this film, despite its flaws, has... Read more »

Pretty Pretty Princess Camp

Ah, a new twist on the classic rags-to-princess-riches tale: An American woman dreams of royalty, moves to London, continues to obsess about royalty, meets the man of her dreams, and... starts a luxury princess camp. Yes, royal enthusiast Jerramy Fine has launched Princess Prep Camp. Now, for just... Read more »

You too can look like Cruella Deville with MAC's Venomous Villains Collection!

By now, you’re probably aware of the Disney Princess Industrial Complex, an entire industry built on encouraging young girls to fantasize about being princesses and convince their parents to spend tons of cash making their tiara-clad dreams come... Read more »

Raising Trouble: Does Pink Really Stink?

Two sisters in the UK seek to "challenge the culture of pink which invades every aspect of girls' lives." Are they right? Read more »

Raising Trouble: Worst Toy of the Year?

Vote for worst toy of the year! Read more »

Raising Trouble: Tim Burton's "Alice"

No matter how subtle and cerebral – or in the case of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 tale, wonderfully meandering and weird – the original story, these days, Hollywood will figure out how to transform it into an action movie. Read more »

Raising Trouble: Just to Personalize This A Bit...

There's at least one dimension to the Harvard story that I – and the mainstream media – missed the other day. The douchebag angle! Read more »

Raising Trouble: Harvard Gives Disney's Critics the Boot

WTF, Harvard? Criticizing Disney is apparently not OK at this world-class university. Read more »