domestic violence

In "Suicide Squad," Harley Quinn and The Joker's Relationship Isn't Love—It's Abuse

In the blockbuster movie, the two supervillains are written as an oddball couple. But even in a movie all about violence, it’s clear that the Joker is clearly emotionally and physically abusive.   Read more »

Unbelievable: Amber Heard and the Cult of the Accused

We live in a culture where people are more willing to believe that a man has been cruelly and elaborately framed for violence than we are to believe that he’s capable of committing it. Read more »

"Gotham" Abuser Edward Nygma and the Myth of the Nice Guy

The insidiousness of the Nice Guy™ is what Fox series Gotham gets so right in the character of Edward Nygma. Read more »

The Violence Behind the Words “Be A Man”

To change our violent culture, we need to redefine masculinity.  Read more »

Marvel Show "Jessica Jones" Names a Most Evil Villain: Abuse

In the show, a mind-controlling dude literally forces women to smile.  Read more »

Survived and Punished: How Criminalization and Incarceration Punish Abuse Survivors

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, activists discuss how abuse survivors are punished by the criminal justice system. Read more »

A New Film Tells the Story of Women Who Were Imprisoned for Killing Their Abusers

The Perfect Victima powerful documentary that is streaming for free online this summer, aims to fill a hole in our society’s discourse around... Read more »

Law of the Land: An Interview with Legal Scholar and MacArthur Genius Sarah Deer

The statistics are atrocious. Native American women are 2.5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other women in the United States. At least 67 percent of Native women who report sexual assault say that their assailants were non-Native men. In Canada, over 1,200 Native women have gone... Read more »

For the Super Bowl, Two Ads Take Aim at Domestic Violence in the NFL

Anti-sexist activism group Ultraviolet is kicking off an ad blitz today that takes aim at the domestic abuse in the NFL. Read more »

The Killers Within: Home Invasion Movies and Violence Behind Closed Doors

They are movies about a kind of sadism and sociopathy that fuels sexual and domestic violence in our actual homes, but which we have no language to address directly. Read more »