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Race Card: Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Race and Domestic Violence

Which celebrity has earned more bad press for reported acts of domestic violence—Chris Brown or Charlie Sheen? When gossip Web site criticized Brown Jan. 21 for appearing with designer Jean Paul... Read more »

Bitch Popaganda: Douche's Not Dead Edition

It’s like The View, only we won’t call you a hooker. Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Lend your ears as Briar, Jonanna, Danny, and Kelsey try to... Read more »

Rihanna speaks out on Good Morning America

This morning Good Morning America aired a portion of a Diane Sawyer interview with Rihanna in which the singer discussed (for the first time on television) ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and... Read more »

Beyond Douchedom

When is a douchebag worse than a douchebag? When the douchebag’s extreme douchebaggery is aided and abetted by our justice system. updated to add correct link Perhaps we should just retire this feature now.  Because I can’t imagine a bigger douchebag than this guy.(Warning: written... Read more »

Art + Domestic Violence Redux

This comes on the heels of my previous post about art and domestic violence. John Waters’ pop art portrayal of the relationship between Ike and Tina Turner is all-too-accurate. As a director of some of the most acclaimed highbrow B-movies of all time, Supertouch amigo JOHN WATERS needs no further... Read more »

Crazy Like A Feminist

There is an article by Linda Hirshman on Slate's women-centric XX Factor today entitled "Crazy Love, Crazy Choices" that deals with domestic violence. In it, Hirshman posits that present-day feminists are too easy on domestic violence... Read more »

Got a Problem? Blame it on Feminism!

From alcohol abuse among girls to the destruction of Israel, the big bad feminism is apparently the root of all evil.  Most... Read more »

No, Kanye, We Can't "Give Chris [Brown] a Break."

On Monday night, Kanye West will be the featured performer on VH1’s Storytellers, the show that gets songwriters to perform in an intimate setting, in the hopes that they will open up to the audience and explain a bit about their creative process, or whatever else might be on their mind. For... Read more »

Fists Up: LA Boxing Pres Challenges Chris Brown to a Duel

Anthony Geisler, President of LA Boxing, is dealing with Chris Brown's arrest on criminal threat charges in true eye-for-an-eye fashion. Geisler started a Facebook group earlier this week called,... Read more »