Douchebag Decree: George Rekers, Gay Gay-Hater

File it under “No Longer Surprising,” but yet another anti-gay douchebag has turned out to be… wait for it… GAY!!! Baptist Minister... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Forgive Me Father For You Are a Douchebag!

  If Sinead O’Connor can rip up a picture of the Pope, then I can certainly call him a douchebag! (See Mom and Dad, I can still make LSAT approved if/then statements). With the recent (read: this wave of crisis) sexual abuse scandal rocking the Catholic church, there is no other... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: GameCrush

Get your barf bags ready, 'cause this one's a doozy. GameCrush is a douchetastic new web service wherein men pay women to play video games with them. Don't even bother clicking on that link - the beta version has... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Smart Girls Gone Wild?

Smart Girls at the Party fans, prepare for a disappointment of the douche kind. In order to increase viewers for their second season, the SGATP team (whose first season focused on young girls kicking major ass – check it out... Read more »


Someone should make a bumper sticker that reads So many douchebags, so little time. I’d buy it. Every week when the Douchebag Decree comes around, there are too many douches and it’s almost impossible to determine who deserves the honor most. This week, we have two very strong... Read more »

Raising Trouble: Just to Personalize This A Bit...

There's at least one dimension to the Harvard story that I – and the mainstream media – missed the other day. The douchebag angle! Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Howard "You Finally Wore Us Down with Your Douchiness" Stern

In an effort to cast a net beyond the sea of my own opinions (most of which involve reality television and hilarious animal photos) I asked for reader feedback on this week’s Douchebag Decree. The nominations were many, and all were deserving:... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Special tabloid gender-panic edition!

  Let me just say right up front that I don't expect any of the following from Life&Style, Us Weekly, or any of the other mags barfing their neon coverlines all over the Safeway checkout line: Accuracy, subtlety, reason, nuance, intelligence, imagination, responsibility, or feminism. They're... Read more »

Your Moment of Ew: Brought to you by the Daily Caller

CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is wrapping up its 2010 conference in DC today. It’s kind of like the Coachella festival of Conservative politicians. (So Mitt Romney’s on stage 2 right now, but then at three we have to pick between Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft!) But... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: MTV Reality

"My Life As Liz" has put me over the edge. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Read more »