Douchebag Decree: Elizabeth Wurtzel Thinks You're Ugly

Elizabeth Wurtzel, lawyer, memoirist and pretty lady, is heartbroken that you aren’t trying harder to look hot. And what’s worse? You’re ruining feminism. Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Louisiana Charter School Bans Pregnant Students, Had "No Idea" That Was Illegal/Awful

The administration Delhi Charter School of Delhi, Louisiana, ought to be red-faced right now. Why’s that? Well, in 2006 the administration instituted a new policy: No pregnant students allowed in the classroom. The school reserved the (illegal) right to even force pregnancy tests on students... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Don't Let Chick-fil-A Distract You From the Douchiness that is the Latest Hooters Campaign

The new Hooters campaign features two owl puppets—a devil and an angel—meant to represent the internal conflict many customers face when eating fried food at what is basically the world’s least gratifying strip club. On the one hand, you consider yourself a nice person, but on the other hand... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Sexist Olympic Advertising

The Olympics started as an über-macho, male-only competition in ancient Greece. While a lot has changed since then, women are still facing sexism when it comes to the Games. Read more »

Louis C.K. thinks "feminists can't take a joke," but his Daily Show interview wasn't ALL bad.

Louis C.K. claims he was vacationing sans Internet when the story broke about Daniel Tosh’s rape “jokes.” Kind of a coincidence that he’d... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Daniel Tosh and the "Comedy" of Rape Culture

Some weeks it’s tough to choose who gets the Douchebag Decree. I’ll admit that I’ve written posts that were a bit of a stretch in the past, or tried to cram two stories into one because I couldn’t decide who was the bigger douche. This week, however, the guesswork’s... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: James Carnell and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association's Racist, Sexist, Terrible Newsletter

The Boston Police Department has been in the news lately, and not for entertaining buddy cop shenanigans. Well, unless you count publishing a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, rage-inducing... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Race, Bunheads, and Amy Sherman-Palladino

It’s never a surprise when new shows on television lack diversity. Someone writes about how awfully white a show is, it stirs up some commotion on the Internet but people continue watching, (*cough* Girls *cough*) and that’s about the extent of it. And it’s not so... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Adam Carolla & His Broken Record Routine

Let’s make this Decree short and sweet. Adam Carolla, a washed-up douche with some seriously skewed views of gender and sexuality, decided to squawk about unfunny women in a... Read more »