On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the feminist news on our radar this Monday:  • Today is the 50th anniversary of President JFK signing the Equal Pay Act. As we know, a... Read more »

Ten Graphs That Show Babies Aren't Solely to Blame for the Wage Gap

  Today is Equal Pay Day… Read more »

Lady Liquor: Race, marketing and uneasy relationships

It doesn’t surprise me that Snoop took the opportunity to engage in a little product placement, though he’s also joked about pot brownies on Martha’s show. What’s more... Read more »

Bridal Party: In Support of Ceremony!

We spend a lot of time in the handful of decades that we exist in this world being told things and telling things. But there are comparitively very few moments when we allow our pretenses to drop and we come together to share something honest, and complex, and for many of us a little (or a lot)... Read more »

Bridal Party: Let's Get Married

I’d like to spend the next eight weeks with you looking at the history of weddings and marriage in Western culture, talking about how marriage is used as a tool of civil and economic inequality, and how the gender binary plays a role in how we think about weddings and helps to fuel the... Read more »

Lady Business: Equal Pay for Women

As if I needed another reason to want to yell at Republicans everywhere, this news about the vote to close loopholes in... Read more »

Lady Business: You'd Make as Much as Men If You Shined Shoes

There’s been a lot of discussion about the gender pay gap. But there are some jobs that pay women many more pennies than 77 cents to the dollar. Among them: Shoe Shiner, Butler, Secretary, and Computer Repair Technician. Read more »

"Become a Porn Actress": Sasha Grey's Equal Pay Day PSA Misses the Point

March 20 is Equal Pay Day in Belgium, and to draw attention to the country’s 22% wage gap for women, zij-kant (a women’s group organizing the equal pay efforts) has launched an awareness video and... Read more »

School's Out: Tonight, on a Very Special Episode...

So I was watching Glee the other night, waiting desperately to see if Brittany and Santana would show some sign that they were still together. As I tried to peer into the minds of Glee’s creators and discover their subversive intent in having the lesbian character Santana... Read more »

The 99%: Thoughts from the 1%

One of my close friends pointed out when I began to write this series that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore a freelance writing career if I weren’t able to take risks with my own earnings.  And she’s completely right.  Bitch is wonderful, but as an independent... Read more »