The 99%: Republican Classism Roundup

The Republican presidential candidates deservedly get a good amount of critical coverage due to the homophobic, racist, and misogynistic rhetoric that they seem to spout at every campaign stop.  This election, though, is one of the first times in my memory that the candidates’ classism and... Read more »

The 99%: Mamas with Money and Parents in Poverty

How much does it actually cost to raise children? You might be thinking about the price of diapers, health insurance, or preschool programs when trying to work out a rough answer.  But don’t forget the... Read more »

The 99%: The (Class) Difference Between

Harry and Katniss are very different heroes because they live in very different worlds.  But if I had to guess whether most people felt their world more closely resembled the private boarding school with clear-cut lines between good and evil, or the dystopic district with frustrated and... Read more »

The 99%: The (Class) Difference Between

In Harry Potter, then, social class is a way of telling us something about the characters more than the actual lived reality or a source of conflict that it becomes in The Hunger Games.  This is because in the wizarding world, power doesn’t come just come from... Read more »

The 99%: Class Warfare and the Privileged Politics of Mitt Romney

The bigger farce, though, is Mitt Romney—the richest candidate in a decade, and the richest plausible candidate in far longer—claiming the President’s policies are class warfare.  It’s... Read more »

Bechdel Test Canon: Made in Dagenham

Set in 1968, Made in Dagenham fictionalizes a true story about a group of female sewing machinists employed by Ford who were tired of being classified as unskilled labor and went on strike for equal pay. Their efforts ultimately led to the Equal Pay Act of 1970. The women are led by Rita O... Read more »

The 99%: Fixing the 2 Broke Girls

In the past few years, being broke has become something of a communal experience in America, to the point that television can no longer just air constant streaming coverage of millionaires and their matchmakers, their real housewives, their stylists, their babies, and their real estate, without... Read more »

The 99%: "Talk like a Cover Girl" and the Classing of Voice on America's Next Top Model

But most of the time, when Tyra is talking about the contestants’ speech, she’s talking about their accents.  And when she’s talking about their accents, she’s talking about class.  Read more »

The 99%: "Money Can't Buy You Class"

A very special thank you to the Countess LuAnn of the Real Housewives of New York for supplying the title to today’s post.  I doubt this is what the Countess was going for, but she brings up a good point: what’s the difference between having money and having... Read more »

The 99%: Exploring Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality in Popular Culture

I’ve got 99 problems with American television, and the rich are one.  We have lots of shows about rich people—in fact, we love shows about rich people.  With Gossip Girl, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Revenge, Real Housewives of _______, ... Read more »