Redefining Required Reading: Where Are Trans Women Writers in the Classroom?

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The Importance of Expanding Sex-Ed to People with Developmental Disabilities

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What Does California's New Sex-Ed Law Mean?

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Why Don't College Students Report Sexual Assault? Because They Think Nothing Will Be Done

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“Do Not Watch This if Your Motives Would Upset Me”: Emma Sulkowicz’s New Multimedia Project

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Years Before College, Middle Schoolers Campaign to End Campus Rape

13-year-old Leilani in a middle school video raising support for the Campus Safety and Accountability Act. On the last day of school before spring break at Manhattan Country School, the 7th and 8th graders... Read more »

Powerful Film "The Hunting Ground" Takes on Campus Sexual Assault

With its harrowing statistics and deeply personal stories from survivors, The Hunting Ground, a new documentary about sexual assault on college campuses, is not an easy film to watch. But it is an important one. Read more »

Black Girls Matter: A New Report Shows How Racism Plays a Role in School Suspensions

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Female College Coaches Get No Respect

Champion hockey coach Shannon Miller at a press conference in the fall, shortly before she was let go.   Right before the holidays, Shannon Miller, the women’s ice hockey coach... Read more »

Instead of Banning Yoga Pants, Schools Should Crack Down on Harassment

Yoga pants and leggings are increasingly being banned by school dress codes. Photo by Matt Madd I was driving by one of the high schools here in Portland the other day and the... Read more »